Raging Covens 1


The beautiful plump locust trees stood at different corners of the house. The colorful daisies sat, embellishing the grand house in an elegant fashion.

I walked in with my arms folded in tightly to Leonard’s, my chin lifted up like I had seen it done in those affluent British balls I watched on TV. “What monstrosity” I thought, as I walked in, my eyes perusing through the high giant walls of the parlor. I couldn’t help but think that if ever I had such stupendous money, I wouldn’t dare to build a house so hideous.

The house sure looked as hideous as Senator Temisan with all his money looked. 

Standing in the midst of the large crowd, I started to feel a strange sensation. My insides churned. Something didn’t feel right, but I thought it must have been my anxieties at finally meeting Leonard’s parents. I averted my mind to the thought of setting eyes on Leonard’s mother.

I had never seen pictures of her. Leonard said she didn’t like the cameras much, but I had heard stories, and so I imagined her having an air of solid confidence, clad with the finest jewelry, and carrying on an aesthetic that may be slightly gaudy, but I knew I would love, because I was drawn to women who confidently owned their style, however quirky. I turned to Leonard staring wittingly at me, I simply feigned a smile at him. 

If I didn’t know better, I would think he could hear my thoughts with that look on his face. He returned my smile with a grin, and it somehow made me feel better, my legs had been wobbly since we got here. I turned to him again to start a conversation hoping it will quiet my anxieties, when immediately, I could feel tension ease into the air. The smiles around me had become rigid. The music was changed to something much slower. It was sung by an artist I surely did not know. I thought there was something quite eerie about it, something quite dramatic about the way it sounded.

Eyes turned now, facing one direction; the large staircase. I shifted my gaze to the direction of the staircase, but there was no one yet in sight. With each tick of the wall clock, I gently dabbed the sweat that had started forming on my palms on the thick black sheath I wore. 

Now I knew what was happening, I knew who was approaching. Everyone made their appearance a big deal and that wasn’t helping my nervousness. All of a sudden, I felt like they were capable of uncovering all my secrets, of unmasking me and seeing me for who I was. It seemed liked the epiphany of some magical beings.

Even in my frenzied state, I let out a low “Pfff”. Rich people were wildly dramatic. 

Finally, they were at the top of the staircase, staring down at the guests as though we were their subjects. But that was not what consumed my mind. It was that I knew her. I had seen her in my dreams. Each time, clothed in a regalia that looked like what she had on then, beckoning on me from afar to follow her, until the day she came close, making rhythmic sounds with her teeth as I knew only a set of witches to do. 

That night, for the first time, she stretched out her hands, grabbing my arms, and as my eyes fell on her claws, I knew I couldn’t let her dig into me. If she managed to take out blood, I would sink into oblivion. Who knows what would follow?. And so I struggled, tried to conjure, to wield my powers, but she managed to escape every time I struck. It was as if she knew every step I was going to make before I made it. 

She rendered me powerless. 

No one had managed to escape my wrath in this manner. 

It was then my spirit sisters came.

I found myself wishing they had delayed a little longer, so that I could finish off the witch and send her bones to her kingdom. I was confident that I was eventually going to kill her.

She knew she couldn’t stand against all twelve of us, and so she disappeared.

I felt a weight of disappointment at myself for showing so much weakness before a foreign witch, and so I pleaded with my sisters to not say a word to mother. I couldn’t bear her disappointment. And they didn’t, just like they kept my relationship with Leonard a secret until I was ready to tell the coven.

This time, it wasn’t just another witch, but one from an enemy kingdom. If my guesses were right, I just wrestled with a powerful witch from “Forcasta Coven”. They were one of the deadliest species of witches to ever exist. Theirs was a coven of male and female, but they all identified as witches. The women had great power over the men, as they were originally the first creatures of the coven. They existed alone for many centuries before a decision was reached for the husbands of each sister to join the coven. They strangely only got married to humans.

The men were mandatorily initiated after marriage to any of the sisters. It wasn’t so with the Witches of Heral. When our sisters got married, the husbands had no business with our coven, only the female child born of them was brought in if the sister wanted that. But if a child was born to a Forcasta witch, they were initiated on the very day they were born. Something jerked in me, I gasped, turning to Leonard in horrendous shock.

He stared back at me with a look I couldn’t read, or just simply refused to read, afraid of unmasking a truth I already knew. I took my gaze away, turning to his parents again. Mrs. Temisan looked piercingly at me, as both she and the Senator walked into the crowd. My heart raced speedily. I slightly parted my lips to support my breathing. Her eyes tore deep inside me, when I couldn’t take it any longer, I averted my gaze to the crowd, spiraling in slow motion as my eyes locked on the faces of the guests.

It started to dawn on me. It wasn’t only their suspicious eye contacts and the nearly matching clothes they had on, that made me have fearful thoughts about who they might be. But also that , I could hardly recognize most of the guests. There were only two recognizable faces in the crowd; a popular billionaire couple. But that didn’t make the gathering any less suspicious. They too looked strange, and oddly subservient to the Senator and his wife. If there was anything ordinary about this event , then a showy, pompous man like Senator Temisan would have a plethora of popular and powerful personalities in his occasion. But, if this wasn’t an ordinary gathering, then…

I started to exhale quickly. I could hear my heavy breath, but I had no control over it. This was a dangerous trap I had led myself into. Why would they want me here?

Winnie!!!” Leonard let out, holding me tightly, but I jerked him off.

Everything had begun to make sense. Why I always felt like Leonard could hear my thoughts, why he never ate particular foods, why he never showed me his mother’s pictures or told me much about her, why…why Leonard only had sisters. They were twelve of them, eleven of which were girls. These were traits peculiar to the witches of Locasta.

Leonard knew all this while. He had always known who I was. Why didn’t he tell me he had figured out who I was? If his mother really wanted to hurt me, why would he agree to bring me here? What could his family want from me? What does his mother want from me? I felt like I might pass out…

To be continued…

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