Raging Covens 2


I felt like I might pass out. This was something I got from my human side. I felt exhaustion and pain as quickly as humans did. Our eyes locked and I felt a stab of betrayal. “Why?” I asked. But Leonard just stared at me. I always felt guilty for lying to Leonard about who I was, not knowing we both had secrets. Grave secrets.

Only that he wanted to hurt me. The man I had come to love was willing to hurt me, as though I meant nothing to him. 

Forcasta Coven and The Witches of Heral have been long time enemies, but there was always a solemn reason for our wars, for the pain we inflicted on each other. If Leonard’s mother despised me for going out with her son, will she want to put me away publicly? Would she want members of her coven to watch me die a painful death? The witches of Forcasta were pure evil.

I felt deeply betrayed, but still, somehow, I found it hard to believe Leonard would want me dead. Had everything been a lie? He always knew we could never be married, he only told all those lies to lure me to my death. “Why?” I muttered to him again. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you had known who I was the whole time?”.

This time my eyes settled on his features, he could barely look at me, his pursed lips and pale cheekbones told me he was sorry. He turned to see someone coming behind him and simply walked away from me.

Now I stood facing Mrs. Temisan. My stomach churned. I stood there frightened, but I was sure that soon, my sisters will show up, and then our mothers will follow. I and the Heral sisters had a deeper connection to each other than we did to our mothers. It’s the way it was. They showed up at the slightest sense of danger. And when they did, it turned deadly. I didn’t want any wars. Mother said the last time our kingdom fought a war was days before I was born, but I had heard war stories, and I never wanted it to happen again.

“Don’t fear. I don’t want to harm you. If I wanted to harm you, I would have done so that day”. 

Her smug was exasperating. “I’m not scared of you” I blurted out. “You only got lucky that day because my sisters…” I decided to let it go. “I know I can’t stand against all of you, but I wouldn’t have to, because my sisters will be here in a flash”. “I know” she said with smug surety.

We have prepared for this war since the day you were born”.

I looked at her in confusion, waiting for her to say more. 

Child, you do not know who you are or what you’re capable of”

“A year from now, the world would be at your feet. You’d be the most dangerous witch there has, and ever will be. You’d have great power and authority over every living and non-living thin”. 

I struggled to speak. I wanted to tell her she had gone completely crazy and needed to check it. Instead, I stood there, giving her a ghastly look.

A few seconds had passed as we stood looking at each other.

Finally, I let out “You look like a woman of few words, now I know you simply do not speak much because you never make sense when you do”. That was the best I could come up with. 

She scoffed a bit and went on to ignore me. “When you were born, there were numerous prophecies about you, all saying the same thing. The kingdoms were given a choice to either kill you that very day, or let you turn twenty five and become the most deadly witch to ever exist”.“

Everyone will bow to you. You will rule over every coven and every nook and cranny of the world. Many covens have wanted to haunt you down and kill you for years, some simply want for you to join their cam” she smiled mischievously.

Surely I’m not the only one you’ve seen come at you in your dreams, I’m just the most recent. You never wondered what it was about you”

“I guessed your mother still hadn’t told you, she was waiting for the right time” she cackled.

She should have told you a long time ago, but the witches of Heral were weak and slow to act. They thought casting a deep bond between you and your sisters was enough to keep you safe, but that was foolish. Where are your sisters now? Why haven’t they gotten here? Typical of the Witches of Heral. I’ve had plenty of time to kill you if I wanted to”

If you aren’t going to kill me then…”

My sisters came in then, striking the very moment they entered. They took a few Forcasta witches by surprise, swiftly tearing into them while the rest fought back. I narrowed my eyes. Immediately swaying into the crowd full of gnashing teeth and faces smeared with blood. It was a bloodbath. I looked back to see that Mrs. Temisan had disappeared into thin air, and I knew she was coming after me.

She was obviously more interested in getting to me than fighting in the war. I rushed at a Forcasta witch, blowing him into ice, when suddenly, I felt a violent pull behind me.

She struck down two of my sisters who rushed to save me. A whitish substance like foam made it’s way out of their mouth. I pushed back in anger, ready to destroy her with every single power I possessed, but she acted swiftly, just like the other day, throwing me off, and making rubbish of my plans

Not every Forcasta witch could read minds, but of course she could.

Anger consumed me, and I tried to get back up, but she threw me down again. This time, I plopped on splattered blood.

I turned around to see that more witches from Forcasta had made their way in, now in equal number with my sisters. I knew our mothers will appear soon, but that didn’t do much to soothe my fears. They were killing us, we had lost so many sisters already.

They had truly been ready for us. 

Mothers face made it’s way to mind. I pictured the way she would look at me seeing me sprawled on the floor, dispirited, in defeat. She would glower at me, and then take her eyes away in solemn disappointment and I’d do everything the next few days to please her, coddling everything that had to do with her. 

Just then, the ground started to shake, the clouds began rumbling. Doors slammed, as our mothers made their way in with a force of wind.

Immediately, they began filling the room with blood and scattered bones.

The thought of disappointing mother triggered something in me and I stood up with a plan, swiftly releasing waves of black deadly fumes at Mrs Temisan. I was so swift that before she completely enwrapped herself in a misty shell, the fumes had caught her right foot. They killed slowly but surely, and there were no cures. Only the one who inflicted could draw it out.

It permeated every area of the body and killed your insides, causing a slow painful death.

She lay on the floor, holding onto her foot, and as I set to release a wide grin, my eyes met Leonard standing deflated and looking at us from afar. Blood seeped out of his ears. I felt the pain of betrayal hit me just as hard as it did before, but now I had avenged my pain.

I made swift to join my sisters and our mothers in conquering the Forcasta witches, but as I ran across her, she grabbed my right foot.

Draw it out. You need us” she blurted out amidst the pain. “You need guidance for when the time comes. The plan was never to bring harm to you. The witches of Heral aren’t even bold enough to face the reality of what is to come” she paused, looked deeply into my eyes.

When I kept hearing your name in Leonard’s mind, I knew it was you and I decided to act fast. We will help you. If you go in there, you might die”. 

I scoffed. “All your coven wants is the stamp that the most powerful witch in the world belongs with you, you want to gloat and carry on proud, conceited faces, just as you triple your wickedness on humanity and the other covens”.

My mother’s may have acted weakly, but at least they are not after the power I will hold in future, the prestige that comes with having me in their camp”. 

Today, you would watch a war connived to execute the Witches of Heral, and seize their own, back fire on you. You would watch as your own dies a painful, malignant death, and you will be helpless as you watch it, wishing you could do something about it, but because you are helpless you will lay and cry as you watch them all take their final breaths” 

I smiled wickedly “And it was bold of you to think I wouldn’t kill you all when I finally got hold of the powers” I chuckled and walked away to finish this war.

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