Poetry: Pearl by Adegbite Victor

Poetry: Pearl by Adegbite Victor

You’re the center of a fire
and it’s a reflection
of you, a gaze at your face brightens the world,
The birds sings of your lullaby.
Your face shines bright like the sun,
Your eye is like a golden chain in the sun.

Your acts are like the doves:
Gentle,your eyes shines like the beautiful star,glows
are your beauties as of pionus parrots.
Your kinds are rare like the golden straw.

You’re the beauty amongst beauties as Okin amongst birds,
You’re a pia, you’re perfect.

Your smiles is captivating
Your face tells of a raw Gold shining,
Your touch eases hot temperature,
You’re the woman for the future.

You’re too fair with great strength as eagles’
You’re too weak for my lion of love to devour,
Like the serpent does, I’ll do you no hurt,
cos’ you’re an Angel,a Golden jewelry.

at eighteen, you’re no more
a girl, Pearl,
the future greeting your chest
is ripe — since you were born.
It’s young today,as though it’s ripe.
You’re the majesty of your imagination, but you have a freedom and a freedom is a mental trap.
Bitterness will have no chance of you,in its glutted emptiness.
Understand your emotions. A great life ahead.

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