Danger coming, we haven’t learned to bark

cos’ our murmur lives in our dead silence. 

Like a peaceful protest itches stick of fears.

Danger coming, we haven’t learned to spring

cos’ the murmur of our hungry throats and

emptiness has suffered our still protests.

Danger coming, we haven’t learned to cry

for our neighboring dusk and ‘ children dawn

as anguish come and hunger takes away.

Danger coming, we haven’t learned to starve

for a hungry future. hunger promotes

hunger! the farms are fertile with famine!

Danger coming, we haven’t learned to die

yet we suffer – in the world to enjoy

in heaven? danger coming — it’s our fault.

Danger coming, our beautiful sadness

has eat’n deeply into painful laughters

that we forget symphonies of morrow

in today’s silence.


Adegbite Victor Oluwaferanmi is a conscious writer, vulnerable, an idealist and a law undergrad. He perpetually seeks passion in nature and loves to explore the world of art. His writings aim to discuss the position of memory, loss, love and culture amongst others. His writings has been featured or are forthcoming on several blogs, journals and magazines.

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