Faces in Phases

Faces in Phases
  • So many faces
    I could be smiling while there’s an infernal rage burning me from the inside, having a conversation about politics and still laughing about the intricacies of great comedy.
    In one night, I discovered my different faces, how they seem to be like thermodynamic phases, they change state from happy to sad to angry or both or maybe even all at the same…time.

It’s almost like I’m empty of everything but I’m full of all. Do you get me?
I’m sure if I go into a catatonic state, I’d be stuck with Monalisa’s smile upon my face, devoid of every emotion but essentially showing them all… I really don’t know for sure
“No. If I wanted to make them pay, all it would take would be a few phone calls and they would never be able to walk in broad daylight without dying inside again.”

I know I can do that to people but can someone make me feel that way instead?
I just want to feel something, anything even a shred of pain or despair…
I miss it…
I miss it!
I miss…it.

I miss being able to feel…

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