Random Thougts: Happier

Random Thougts: Happier

Whenever I listen to Ed Sheeran’s happier, I always ponder on the words and derive new meaning from the song…but the one thing that’s consistent, the one thing I ask myself is, don’t you have to be happy first before you can be happier?

I’m not a pessimist or even relatively sadistic, but I reached a point where I forgot how to be happy. I could fake a smile and whenever I felt pain I’d just wreak more havoc on myself by causing more pain.

But, again, how can a song called “happier”, make you so unhappy that you drown in your own thoughts with no way out?It almost felt like I was listening to Juice World and not Ed Sheeran.

Finally, a well  thought out question I’ve heard many people ask is, can you buy happiness? I actually checked the online store I work for, and I found a product called Happiness for sale…but yet I still ponder.

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