It doesn’t feel right to just sit here and let mum worry about me. The dog sits beside me, it’s beautiful light brown eyes and snow white features stand out in the vast greenery, but we’re the only ones here… In this place that isn’t such a fairytale.

He’s not around today, but the air is dank with the odour of his bloodlust, I remember his eyes, the way they filled with love when we were together, until I told him I was getting a dog.

He changed.

Sometimes, it’s like he reads my mind and brings my greatest fears to life. He hurts me, with his words and the way he forces thoughts into my head. He coerces me to hurt myself and laugh away the pain out of dread.

But still, in my wonderland, I can escape the world just for a little while, a little pain is worth it sometimes.

The brown eyed Husky gently takes my hand, he seems in a hurry, we just met, me and my puppy, but he already loves me and I don’t know how to love back…

He pulls me gently towards the gates, my tiny feet rub against the grass as I walk briskly. Then his voice echoes, searching for me.

Alice! Alice!!

He screams.

I can already sense the storm coming, the clouds darken and thunder roars, then, the real him comes out to play, the beast we all know…as Wonderland.

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