I mean who knew that we had been wearing masks long before the Covid ’19 pandemic?
Who knew we had been wearing them for so long we forgot it needed to be washed?
Who knew the stench had been so strong yet we kept it on because it was easier that way?
Phew………..Let me explain from the beginning!

We started this year on a high note, 2019 was amazing for a lot of us so it was only logical that we were even more expectant for the new year…but with the pandemic came new revelations.
Turns out that some of us were only able to keep our relationships going because we could all hide behind the mask of “busy”.

It also turns out as Nigerians we had been wearing the mask of ignorance and indifference for way too long. We had covered our noses with the sweet smelling “not-my-business” masks. We knew that we were being led by people who didn’t see the need to be accountable but we put on the “who has accountability helped” mask, well that was until the number of total death recorded from Covid’19 seemed to reduce per day. Then we realised that unless people had started to resurrect from the dead, there had to be a lie somewhere.

Somewhere in-between having to sit at home for months, we finally started to perceive the stench of the masks that we had been hiding behind for so long.

Well, we have taken all those dirty masks to the laundry, hopefully the washing machine ruins it so we don’t put them on again come 2021.

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