I am a witch

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Late 1990’s, I was initiated into witchdom by ỌBA ÀJÍKÍ,
I grew up learning incantations as in 91st chapter of PSALM,
I can’t forget the words of ISAIAH, I still remember the 7th verse of 50th chapter,
Rituals we perform every year , Slaughtering chickens in celebration of birth of ÀRÍÍRỌÀLÁ.

I remember I was immersed into river JORDAN just to be a member,
I went days without food to encounter ARÚGBÓ ỌJÓ,
My knees still hurt from begging ỌBA ÀÌKÚ for power and mercy.

Mondays, we gather to learn the words of instructions,
Tuesdays, ỌJỌ́ ÌṢẸ́GUN , we are to conquer our foes,
Every Friday night by 12am I am up to charge my prey,
I am a witch for the blood stains in my mouth is of my captives.

Failure many atimes have I trampled under my feet ,
Yes, such great power comes with witchcraft,
To me the eulogy of death was revealed,
I know He who is the source of life
For I as well died and rose with the great, LÁGBÁDÁ INÁ, death can never hold Him down !

In our gathering, we eat the body,
In our meeting, we drink the blood,
And till this day,we consume the body and the blood of CHRIST , ỌBA ÀJÍKÍ.

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