The Turn Around

The Turn Around

I had fallen, yet I fall still,
New day comes with new hope yet hope seems to be lost as new day unfold,
I have dined with aches and my tears had quenched my thirst.
My heart aches at every breath I breathe
All hope were lost as I fell completely to the ground.

Who then would hear the voice of cry?
Who would raise me up from the mud of pain?
Will I ever get to see the breaking of the new day or will I rest as the sun goes to the west?
“Eledumare” I call on thee to attend to my supplications.
All these I screamed in silence as weak was my strength.

The Alpha and Omega tend to my quest,
“Logan ti o de” He burnt my pains into ashes
Majestically he surfaced and raised me up.
This then must be a dream,I thought
“Olowogbogboro” wiped my tears and told me “your days of suffering I put to an end”

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