W O R D S.

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I heard no amount of words would fill a basket,

Then,I was told to speak up rather than taking it with me to my casket,

To live not just exist,

For one day,with or without my dreams I’ll exit.


I heard silence is the most powerful scream,

And that’s why I encouter the divine even in my dream,

I was told life is too short to worry too much,

That,I rather stay firm when life throws a punch.


So many have I heard,

And so have I shared,

Yet,silence do I fear,

And thousand words out of my mouth did no one hear.


If today isn’t assured,this day give to me my daily bread,

If tomorrow is a gift,with my present let me be fed,

If words would fail me,then silence with me lay your bed,

If silence isn’t the answer,may my words someday be heard.


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