Tips for Surviving NYSC Orientation Camp

Tips for Surviving NYSC Orientation Camp

Do make a hair style that you can cope with

Ladies this is very important . Its just 3 weeks , so make a hairstyle that’ll last for that period . A style that wont consume your time when dressing because sometimes you might just have to run out for parade and you might look rough . I can say braids are ok. If you decide to fix weavon to camp you may be forced to do another hair in camp because of the season . Well during my own time i fixed short hair and it wasn’t bad at least I didn’t have to comb or style my hair every time.

Dont be too anxious and in a hurry to wear your kit when given

If you report at camp on the first day , you will be issued your complete camp kit . Dont let it get to you and you quickly change into them because from that moment on parade is your next best friend. I was kind of a victim of such tho. The thing is from 3 pm , soldiers will blow bugle for parade so anyone seen kitted is then chased to parade.
My advice is that you just keep that kit till maybe the next day .As soon as u are issued your kit go and hide it under you box/bag. You can then successfully wear mufti for d 3 days duration of d registration. If the soldiers ask why you aren’t kitted tell them you’ve not been issued  and they’ll leave you alone. Be wise !!!!

Do not for any reason loose your Face cap .

Your NYSC cap is a must anywhere you go to in camp  ,mostly when heading to the parade ground. In some camps the commandants and officers take it very personal . Some girls might want to display their hair and all . Also the sun is definitely not your friend so just always be with your camp. Its an advice

Do not give any room for unnecessary harassment 

This goes for to ladies.  Most of you ladies might want to show yourself and God help you that one of those commanders or army officers pick you as their target .  Keep your cool , respect yourself and obey them (that’s what they want at least) . Then if you are then harassed you can then take it up to the necessary authority .Except you want it .

Do not be deceived

The Camp Commandant (the soldier in charge) and the other soldiers may tell you that if you participate in parade, play volleyball, and do all they want you to do, you will end up being posted to a favorable place for you Primary Assignment – LIES! Soldiers ain’t got that power at all, maybe the Camp director and some NYSC officials can help, but not all of them have the powers they claim.


Try a much as possible to register as an OBS member from the first day . Every camp has OBS (orientation broadcasting service). Their speakers are all over camp and they blast music all day, cast news and announce missing items. Now members of OBS dont go for parade. Once those soldiers enter d hostels to chase for parade and u show your obs tag they leave u alone. However, now OBS do audition cos they know everyone wants to join to avoid parade.

I hope I’ve been able to help out . For things to take to camp read here. All the best. Take photographs and make yourself happy.

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