Staying Fit

Staying Fit

Staying fit

Alarm rings

“It’s 5’o clock.”
“Thank you Lord for this morning,”she said with bowing heads simultaneously cleaning the edges of her eyes with her fore fingers.

Someone close to her can deduce she is in to do something worthwhile for the day as she got into her wardrobe to search for the pair of jerseys she got herself last semester when the vibes to really stay fit was steaming hot.

Long story cut short. “There is no time”, she would say stretching her legs to show she is gifted with long ones from the genetic pool.

“I wish I could play basketball with this my height” became her anthem every evening she comes back from class.

Fortunately, she had an Health Education student as her bunk mate whose course requires that she does exercise every morning.

“But, how come I never make excuses for parties and church activities but sighs…

My health is on God”, she would conclude when she feels compulsive.

But, how will I do this bulging stomach now?
It makes me feel horrible when I want to wear my “turn head” gowns

She moved towards the wall of her room where she had drafted out the activities of the week.

It was her quick reminder board.

Staying fit.

She repeated to herself as she got into her heels.

One of her roommate, Tracy was already awake seeing all her movements from her wishy washy morning prayers to her endless search through her wardrobe.

To her finding the Jersey.

She really needed to see how determined her roommate has turned out to be.

“By the time, I am done with this exercise, I will pepper them”

She got out of the heels and remembered it is quarter past six.

Hey, I should be on the run by now doing myself the favour of improved mental health.

I have taken a lot of lectures on fitness, too bad not to practice any but giving information .

She got under her bed to get her Nike pair of shoes out, I hope I get a running mate each morning.

“Fashion savvy” it came in whispers as she tried not to look at her hammer toes caused by excessive wearing of heel shoes.

It felt like her calf muscle was shorter.
But, what would she do?
Stay back and continue to fasten her belly muscles voluntarily to give herself a better outlook when pictures are about to be taken.

On occasions she need to walk smart.

Or better still just cut carbs like her friends always told her to.

“Ah, it’s not easy to wear flats” she told herself as she tried to fit her hammer toes into the black NIKE shoes she just got out to wear.

I doubt if this would be possible. It’s so much on me.

She got on the road in full force to jog carrying herself to leap as she heard the heavy pufff pufffff sounds from her mouth as she needed more air.

She collapsed by the side of the road when she could no longer go.

Thankfully she wasn’t injured, she took it for a time to reflect while she had heavy breaths.

She remembered all that was said against gluttonous eating and how fast she always got carried away by various ice cream flavours.

How night classes were impossible without biscuits and chew gums.

How takeaways of fried chickens from Chicken republic must be carried back to the hostel and finished that day in spite of the one ate at the restaurant.

She remembered how she felt she was too big to go for exercise but not too big for Owanbes.

She remembered she had her way on getting organic skin care products to get her skin as fair,firm,cool and takeaway as possible.

Getting fruits from fruit hawkers has always been” I don’t have change”

She remembered she was warned of Sodium and she really did reduce her sodium intake but couldn’t let go of everyday soft drinks.

“Life is just once”, she really did tell herself.
Enjoy it to the fullest while you can.

Can I still go on this journey?.

Hey lady, get up let’s go get prepared for the day it’s almost 6:30 am

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