Why Are You So Obsessed With Them?

Why Are You So Obsessed With Them?

‘Why are people so obsessed over the whites?” Obi lamented.

Ali grins at the look of exasperation that had appeared on Tunde’s face. The three of them were walking back to their on campus hostel after their class. The sun was mercilessly hot as they walked but they didn’t seem to mind. 

‘You are the one who can’t your mind off them,’ complained Tunde.

‘I am not,” Obi argued. ‘That girl the one that just passed us by. She had on a white tee with Harry Styles’ face on it.’

‘Is it everything you see you must talk about?’

‘Tunde abeg free me.’

Ali grinned wider, ‘How many songs do you have on your phone Obi?’

‘What does that have to do with anything?’

‘Just answer,’ pushed Tunde.

Obi sighed and pulled his phone from his pocket, ‘589 songs.’

‘How many foreign songs are there?’ asked Ali.

Obi laughed, ‘That’s not what I’m saying Ali.’

‘You are as obsessed with them as the next person,’ argued Tunde.

‘I am not. It’s true that I follow their trends and all but that’s not obsession.’

Tunde laughed sarcastically, ‘You. You who used to call 911 everyday on your home phone hoping that one day it will go through and you’ll be able to report your mother for abuse.’

Ali laughed, ‘Do you remember when he had told Miss Amaka to shut up in secondary school.’

Obi hissed, ‘I can’t be angry. You guys can’t keep up with my thinking anyway.’

‘You followed that biracial girl around for months when she visited.’

‘You mean chased,’ Ali said.

They had reached their hostel by then and Ali phone was ringing. He picked it and sighed after ending the call.

‘What’s up man?’ asked Tunde.

‘The course rep just called. We have an impromptu 7o’clock class.’

Obi sighed audibly, ‘This can’t happen in the States.’

His two friends looked at each other and shook their heads.

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