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Have you read through these books of the Bible? Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Micah, Obadiah…?

What did you find?

The Lord kept bemoaning the attitude of His Beloved. Did you read the demands He made of these prophets? Did they seem absurd to you?

Well, God still makes demands of us. These demands, though tough, aren’t grievous.



It varies with individuals from putting a call through, to mend a fence or praying for someone who hurt you.


How do you respond to these demands? Do you hear and listen or just hear?

It is essential that to move with God, we submit to his demands.

Reading through the books of these prophets, I couldn’t help but wonder how the prophets carried out those demands.


Think back to how you felt when someone required your time or money or reassurance? How did you feel? Did you feel inconvenienced?

It is the same way God makes demands of us.

One major demand is to love one another as we love ourselves.

How well is that teeny weeny demand working for you?


The same way we make demands of our parents, friends, and acquaintances, is the same way God makes demands.

This week, it is my prayer that we attentively listen to his demands and act accordingly.

What better time to have this topic. As the year is gradually wounding up, we must have stepped on the toes of people. Why not listen to whatever God is demanding of you.


Welcome to December.

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Peace and love,

Faith, for the Royal Rubies

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