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Recently, I read through Matthew 14:25-33 with a group of friends and what stood out for me was simply:
You see that man named Peter, he deserves additional respect from us.
We’re always too hasty to jump on him for shifting his gaze from his God for a bit.

How about the other disciples who sat in the boat and watched all these transpire?
Have you tried speculating what was going on through their minds?

Peter stepped out of the boat. He was the only one who did.
We mustn’t judge Peter whilst we’re still seated in the boat.
Big moves don’t always prove great Faith.

As for me, I’d rather step onto the water with Christ than spend the rest of my life wondering “what if” I had stepped out like my friend, Peter.

A few of the disciples had families, yeah? Just imagine them having a family time and the kids inquire of why their father never stepped into the water like Big Uncle Pete?
Apparently they must have heard the tales and wondered whether timidity was a thing to their father.

To conclude, are you seated somewhere trying to judge the genius activities of your pals? Weren’t you also given something to do too?
Why not step out of the boat and see how far God takes you? Abi do you want to live the rest of your life with “what ifs”?


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Song suggestion: Lauren Daigle’s Trust In You.

Warmest regards,
Faith, for the Royal Rubies.

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