Growing Up: A scam

Growing Up: A scam

Hiya! A pleasant day it is, ain’t it? How has it been at your end? I hope you still remember to smile and cut yourself some slack?

Today’s topic resonates with many of us.

Very recently, I clocked a year. Prior to this, I’d always believed growing up to be a scam. I’m glad to point out that this is quietly changing. Nonetheless, that doesn’t excuse the society for making demands of me before I was prepared.

I was told to go to school and gain an education. All glory to God, I passed through the primary, secondary and the so-much talked about tertiary institution.

Along the way, I was told when I grow up, the jigsaw puzzle would somehow fit. Well, I have no words to this. Maybe ’cause I’m still growing. All I have is a certain level of distrust against the system.

Reasonably, I’m discovering that growing up is an opportunity to become relevant and make impact in the scheme of things.
We were such in a haste to grow up and we had no inkling that we were, living the dream. When we were young, we wanted to grow up and when we became adults, we realized that happiness was easier to find in childhood. Growing up is overrated.

Anyways, I’m still waiting to grow up and for everything to ‘click‘ like it is meant to. I hope it happens before I die.

This is just a subtle reminder for us to arise and embrace growth.
Time is ticking.
Growing up is a continuum.

Even while you grow up, don’t forget to actually Live.

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Song suggestion: The older I get get Alan Jackson

Now go kick some ass,

Faith, for the Royal Rubies.

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