After spending a good part of your life learning how

To fly, float and run
in the deep blue ocean

To fly into the sky and dip your beaks in the clouds

To navigate the cooler temperature and talk the winds to your side

To come down the walk
And bite an angle worm into halves

To drink the dew
from the green grass

To hop sideways in the field
to let a beetle pass

To stick fast to the low clouds
and notate the dawn

To listen to the beat
of slow wings across the sea

To soar not too high
when the sky is fair

To soar above the mountain tops
lest, the storm press thee back

To drink long sips of water
by the shore of a great lake

After taking the pain to collect twigs
to weave your warm nest on the tallest branch of a mulberry tree

Then someone begins to preach about the safety of a cage to you.
Was he sent from God?

isn’t it strange to you?
which word can you tell me
that will make me forget
the roads of the world and never return.

*Tommy Brian*

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