10 things you do not know about Egypt

10 things you do not know about Egypt

I grew up in a city where stories of ancient Egyptians, the pharaohs, and the kings and queens arisen. It was all fantastic for me to hear about growing up. Everything for me was very eye-opening. The monument they left behind, the pyramids, and many other traces all across Egypt made it just magical.

Egypt is famous for its breath-taking view of the Sharm el-Sheikh, the Nile, the Cairo Tower, and the valley of the kings.

But there are other things and in fact, besides the famous ones, that people do not know about Egypt or Egyptians.

So here are 10 things you do not know about Egypt:


1)It does snow in Egypt

Particularly in saint Catherine, it snowed heavily and it has been for the past couple of years. Located at an elevation of 1,586m in South Sinai. It was very beautiful to see it snow there.

2)Bread is essential and is life

In Egypt, bread is called (eish) which actually means life in the Egyptian dialect. There are many kinds of bread in Egypt but the most famous one is (eish balady). In Siwa, they make bread mixed with dates and other ingredients.


3) The eye of Horus

Envy or (hasad) is the effect of the evil eye, it is very believed in Egypt, a mix of Pharaonic ancestors to Arab symbols. Egyptians also believe in the effects of it. The eye of Horus represents protection in ancient Egypt. It is a symbol of an open eye on a hand adding a blue bead. The blue is often believed to absorb the negative energy of the evil eye. Even there are Islamic phrases to shield someone from the effects of it such as “Mashallah”.


4) Egyptians and gallbladders

This is actually my favorite one and something I would like to share for the fun of it, often when an Egyptian is annoyed, a famous phrase we say is: “you have decrepitated my gallbladder.” Or in other words “busted” it. Also since the gallbladder is near the liver, we use the liver to talk about our children as a means to say “my child is my own blood and flesh”. In Arabic literature, often the liver is used as a place that stores emotions and love.


5)Egyptians hate eating alone

If you walk in the streets of Egypt, you might encounter someone who is eating inviting someone else to eat with him, heartedly meaning it. Egyptians believe that eating in a group will enhance the appetite. They also get worried if someone eats alone that there are famous proverbs said to someone who eats alone as “elly yakol lewahdo yezwar” (that who eats on his own will choke on food).

6)world’s longest dive was made in Egypt

Egypt has hit two world records in diving for its astonishing scuba diving spots in the Red sea

In 2015, a world geniuses record was set by walaa hafez, an Egyptian scuba diver who stayed down for 51 hours and 20 minutes in Hurghada in open saltwater scuba dive.

7) El-nubia

In Southern Egypt, colorful villages are located in El-nubia. A peaceful village with artistic houses, known for their good manners and hospitality. A must-go place in Egypt!

8) The ancient Egypt calendar

A Coptic 13-month calendar is used by farmers till this day to keep track of agricultural seasons. It was based on the ancient Egyptian calendar. Derived from the hieroglyphic letters, the names of the months were chosen from them, each month with a name that rhymes with its weather.

9) Egyptian cotton

Cotton in Egypt is considered the finest all around the world. For its softness and great quality. It is guaranteed that no other compares to its strength, length, and color.


10) leaving shoes upside-down brings bad luck

An ancient Egyptian superstition is that an upside shoe brings bad luck, and often when seen, someone turns it back to its position.  It is also believed that sitting with crossed legs as the sole of your shoes will face someone up.

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