10 ways people drink coffee around the world

10 ways people drink coffee around the world


If coffee has become your newest best friend and energy booster, then you are certainly not alone! Coffee is the second most famous drink in the entire world! Explains why I cannot go a day without coffee or I would be the grumpiest person alive. Am I addicted yet?

 You can enjoy coffee everywhere you go in the world due to its popularity. And with that said, people all over the world enjoy their morning or even evening cup of coffee in their own unique ways. Whether it is iced, hot, black, foamed with milk, or creamy, each country has its own style of creating the best out of this one small coffee bean that is magical enough to make me function as a human being even on the worst days.

You might have tried new coffee recipes but you certainly haven’t heard of them all. Here are 10 ways coffee is drunk all over the world.

“Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world.” – Thomas Jefferson


1) Dalonga coffee


Let’s all thank quarantine for it’s one and only best offspring. Dalonga coffee.  Dalonga coffee gained prominence during the social distancing, arising from South Korea. It has actually been labeled the “quarantine coffee”. Homemade Korean versions of it made their way to YouTube until it went viral on TikTok, using the hashtag #dalongacoffeechallenge. I won’t lie but I tried it and I have been loving it ever since.


2)Flat white


Originating from Australia, flat white coffee has been added to coffee shops’ menus all over the world. Made of espresso with steamed milk adding a layer of milk foam. It has a strong coffee taste.



This German drink consists of a strong shot of coffee, added with a splash of rum. They use dark roasted coffee for this drink and whipped cream on top. If you are a fan of sweetened coffee, this one is for you as it is filled with sugar to neutralize the taste.



This is definitely not your average cup of coffee, as actually, it is one of the most coffee cups in the world that consists of partially digested coffee cherries. They pick very ripe cherries for this one, for the better taste and rich flavor. Once collected, it is used in an espresso maker and it is a luxury drink.

5) Spiced coffee

It is a fragrant mix of black coffee added to spices -including cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. Often sweetened with cream and sugar. It is very famous in morocco as visitors do not forget to try it. Usually made in homes more than restaurants.



Ethiopia is the birth-place of coffee, named buna, it is pretty much special there in Ethiopia. They collect green coffee beans then roast then brewed in a clay pot, called a jebena. There is also coffee ceremonies, the routine of serving coffee daily to gather loved ones, family, and friends.


7)Irish coffee

This coffee is really Irish, made in 1943. It has been popular ever since, the reason why is because it is made up of a mixture of hot coffee, brown sugar, whipped cream, and Irish whiskey. It is considered more of an Irish dessert actually


8) Espresso

We all know that one, the dearest to my heart. Made in Italy, an Italian tradition made in a machine that pushed fine coffee beans through steam to create very strong coffee with frosty cream on top. In Italy, it is consumed with a bit of sugar and cream.


9) Arabic coffee

It is basically a version of brewed coffee made in a special coffee pot. In the Middle East, coffee is generally called ahwa yet it has many kinds such as Turkish ahwa, Saudi-Arabia ahwa. It is a very important tradition in the middle east.



In Hong Kong, coffee is treated on another level. Yuanyang is a mix of brewed coffee and black tea. They sometimes called it coffee with tea, which is an exotic mix to me. They add condensed milk and sugar to make it creamy and sweet.

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