5 relationship flags you should avoid

5 relationship flags you should avoid

Before hopping back into the world of dating, you should defiantly buckle up because it’s a long bumpy road. You should be open-minded about who you will date; -even if you hate some of their quirks or the way they leave dirty dishes in the sink- these things are not exactly deal-breakers.

In fact, red flags usually have a deeper meaning, they are far way more complex habits. And they are not accepted. We have technology and apps that have limited us to the “love-at-the-first-swipe” culture. It absolutely made the way we communicate more nuanced than ever, a new era of communication.

A red flag is usually defined as something your partner does that is just not right or acceptable. It is for sure all fun and games, getting to know someone who was once a stranger on a deeper level. But if you find yourself compromising or feeling somewhat uncomfortable,

Here are 5 relationship red flags you should watch out for:

1) They do not label the relationship

I have seen somewhat, a variety of new words that defines a “relationship” that is non-committable, but they sound meaningless to me.

Oh, how I wish John Keats or Shakespeare were still around, they probably would have guided us in using lexical labels other than “hanging out” or “seeing someone”.

You have been “seeing, meeting, dating, snogging, hooking” that person for months now and they refuse to label it (calling you boyfriendgirlfriend), this could be a major red flag. It just makes them sound like they not ready to commit, involved with someone else romantically, or are leading you on

If They avoid talking about the relationship exclusively or they don’t put labels to it, it could be a sign that they are not serious about the relationship, even after both of you “technically” dated for a few months now.

2) You express your feelings to each other differently

In a relationship, you both are a team, something like a ying-yang balance. What you lack, your partner provides to you and vice versa. There should be the same balance when showing your love to each other.

You, constantly, tell your partner how much you love them, often overwhelming and inundate them with compliments while on the other hand, your partner is not responsive to your effusive compliments and does not show appreciation.

It creates an imbalance, when you shower them with love words and flirts and expect the same in return, only to be shocked by their carelessness and leave you disappointed.

3) They do not show you on their social media accounts

You can ignore this one if you and your partner only use Instagram to follow cat fan accounts like me

But if your partner has a history of using social media apps rigorously such as Facebook or Twitter to share or brag about their exes and they haven’t shared about you yet, it might be bad news.

This could be interpreted as they are not ready to show you to the world, or simply, they do not see you engaged in something long-term with them. A big red flag

Unless they have a business account though, not posting cute photos together there is kind of fair enough.

4) They do not compromise

It is totally normal to have disputes with your partner, but what is not normal is how they won’t compromise. They do not offer a middle ground. And compromise is one thing that relationships are built on. It is not about keeping the peace for the sake of it but it is finding a middle ground where you both happy but not disappointed in any way.

If you find your partner not able to compromise, it could be a huge issue.

5) They never initiate dates

Relationships usually start with a nicely planned date; it is an important factor in relationships. If you find yourself doing all the work, planning, suggesting, and thinking about where to go then there might be something.

Someone who likes you enough will put effort into pleasing you and showing how much they care through planning and to me, it is attractive. Lying down in a bask of the glory of not doing anything is not.

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