5 things to do to have a productive morning

5 things to do to have a productive morning

Starting the day right is the key to a successful day.

Even if you have a fixed morning routine, I have for you some tips to get you started and energetic. But first and foremost, consider what you know about yourself and what works for you. We all have different habits and different personalities. For example, if you take a few minutes of usually scrolling through your feed to get up, set your alarm earlier than usual. That will set a great tone for the great day you have ahead of you.

Here are some tips to get you up and going out of bed:

1) Plan a schedule

You do not have to write it on paper on this schedule. You can plan what you are going to do in your head the night before. A normal waking up, washing up, and having breakfast at fixed times every day. If you are like me and you usually have a hard time picking an outfit, prepare it the night before. Getting things done earlier will make a great difference in the flow of your sunny morning and the rest of your day.


2) Wake up earlier than the usual -even 5 minutes earlier-

Instead of rushing through your morning routine, waking up earlier will give you extra time to prepare. You also will have time to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything like your keys and you will thank yourself later on. Go to bed earlier than usual so as not to hit snooze and thus, get low quality of sleep. You will feel more tired the next morning

(Hint: Consider the snooze button an enemy)

3) Have breakfast

And by breakfast, I do not mean a black cup of coffee or tea. I mean a proper breakfast. It will ensure a clear mind and also give you the needed boost of energy to face the hardships of the day. There is no need to feel guilty about having breakfast since our metabolism works its best in the morning

(and no you cannot have fried chicken in the morning with that said)

4) Avoid elevators or electric stairs

I know they save time sometimes but whenever you get the chance, avoiding the elevator will get your blood pumped and makes you.. alive in the morning. It is like a low effort exercise that releases endorphins. A boost!

5) Read the news

And this is my favorite tip. Preferably use an actual paper newspaper, not an online one. Watch your local news show or turn on the radio to a sports radio show. By the time you reach your work, you will have knowledge about how the world is going around you. And from here you can start changing it.

Or, you can listen to calming music or just your favorite songs that get you going.

You can also listen to old classical songs. They just have this scent of melancholy and suddenly you feel safe and calm. Or just like you are in a classical movie, drinking tea while the birds chirp in the background.

Everyone has their own style of starting the day. Some wake up their children so they go to school and some wake up to their partner. Some have breakfast with their parents and some give their parents a good morning call. Whatever it be, it must be something that makes you feel content and happy. Something that you love to give you a boost to face the day.

And from there, at work, you start your day that is full of productivity, with your favorite cup of coffee and a happy heart and a clear mind.

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