6 Types of Students You Met in University

6 Types of Students You Met in University

University. The prime years of your late teenage years. The one place where you meet various people and different personalities yet get along with them *surprisingly*. Your first connection with your mates, the ones you will spend a whole semester. The same ones who will make your college experience unforgettable, all thanks to them. Let’s find out the types of students you will meet through-out your college years.

1– The class clown

These are literally my favorite ones. They are full of energy yet they do not attend the 8 AM class. The ones who crack jokes behind you and they challenge you into an “I dare you to laugh out loud” in class while the professor is doing his job. 

PS: They always win.

2- The latecomer

They usually tend to show up like 15 minutes later to class, usually holding a cup of coffee. They have their way of sneaking in and usually, they go unnoticed. By the end of the semester, you will realize that they have been on campus early the whole time.

Talk about the shock and the disappointment *shakes head*

3- The Resurrected

Do you know their name? Absolutely not. You barely see them on campus and when you do, it is usually once or twice and usually by accident. So, when do they show up? Usually on exam days, presentations, or when an event is going on. It’s definitely not surprising to find out that the number of students attending is WAY less than the actual number of students.

5- Teacher’s pet

They are usually sitting in the front row. ALWAYS. They are the lecture’s favorite, as they never miss a chance to answer a question. They usually collectively appear at the end of the class with the lecturer asking more questions regarding the lecture or just gossiping.

6- The introvert

My tribe. They usually try to avoid any sort of social interaction, and when they talk they are usually told to speak louder. They are usually chill and with surprisingly high grades and you sometimes cannot recall their face or voice but if you look closer at them, you will find their brain repeating “please do not call my name” when the lecturer is randomly asking students.

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