8 Things That Seriously Ruins your Day

8 Things That Seriously Ruins your Day

1) When you reach into your bag and realize you forgot your wallet

God please how do I teleport?

2) When you push a pull door

No one saw me do that, right? RIGHT?

3) when a song gets stuck in your head and you only know 3 words so you keep singing them over and over

*incoherent words intensifies*

4) When you ram your toe in the corner of the bed and almost break your nail

At least the bed is okay *sobs*

5) When you accidentally like a 53 week old Instagram photo while stalking someone

The only time you will find yourself throwing your phone away on purpose

6) When you are walking by a door and your sleeve gets caught on the handle

Imagine that happens when you are angry 

7) When someone is walking behind you and they step on your foot and make your shoe slip out

I got it, I got it

8) When you have a mouthful of food and someone initiates a conversation with you

Awkward nodding while trying to swallow the food as fast as possible

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