Courage, dear heart

Courage, dear heart

Courage is the quality of being brave in a dangerous situation. The word courage comes from the Latin ‘cor’, meaning heart. Courageous people have big hearts, they go to the distance for what they believe in, despite the risks. We all think of Courageous people from history, for example, Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, also exhibited enormous courage. He put everything on the line to fight for racial equality in his home country.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

― Nelson Mandela

What then is courage?

Courage is that the mental and emotional preparedness and talent to pander to difficult, challenging, and sometimes impossible circumstances. it’s the power to confront fear, pain, intimidation, and other threats.

When we work to develop courage, we both empower ourselves with the flexibility to confront problems head-on, as well as, acquire the talents required to cater to life’s inevitable challenges.

Ask any soldier or warrior who has had to venture forth in battle. Few would deny feeling fear and uncertainty beforehand.

To be courageous is to be ready head on to muster the courage to do something out of your comfort zone. There are some ways to develop your courage such as reading literature, the newest news, and watching movies about tales of courage. Reading about the courageous acts of others is extremely inspiring and offers examples for all people. for example, The mad ship, the novel, summed up what it is like to be courageous  for me in saying:

“Everyone thinks that courage is about facing death without flinching. But almost anyone can do that. Almost anyone can hold their breath and not scream for as long as it takes to die. True courage is about facing life without flinching. I don’t mean the times when the right path is hard, but glorious at the end. I’m talking about enduring the boredom, the messiness, and the inconvenience of doing what is right.”

― Robin Hobb, The Mad Ship

You do not have to read much further than stories from 9/11 to be moved and inspired. Consider the courage and bravado of the normal men and ladies, the firefighters, the police and every one people who gave their lives to save lots of others. Who can forget the accounts of their honorable actions and the way they didn’t turn over about consequences to themselves?

Start with some simple steps. Start small but start somewhere. Venturing forth and stepping out of your temperature are often daunting initially, so start out by doing something small. Ask that cute girl, or guy, out for a coffee (or tea, juice, power shake). Sure it’s going to be scary, but that’s fine-. If you normally wait and are afraid to talk up, offer your opinion and suggestions at the following office meeting. it should feel awkward initially, but know that it gets easier with practice. Waiting around just for a miracle to happen would be disappointing and people did not muster the ability to read minds yet.

My tip is to, slowly, but surely build up your courage by doing the items you sometimes recede from. Building courage during this way can facilitate you when it is time to quit that job you’re not suited to or leaving a relationship that you’ve got long ago outgrown. Develop faith and confidence. An outsized part of developing courage is to have faith in yourself, faith in a very higher power. This kind of confidence comes from maintaining a positive attitude and visualizing a positive outcome. A courageous mindset is that the product of self-confidence and to guide yourself into positive thinking.

Courage could be a psychological muscle actually.

Indeed, after we build any muscle, we do so so and so to have strength. At a time when many people resort to harmful substances to handle problems, we might do better to depend upon a healthy supply of courage. Undoubtedly, it’s the wiser alternative.

And finally, a quote by C.S Lewis that I hold in my heart;


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