COVID 19 has shaped and reshaped our personal relationships by allowing us to get close to some people and further us apart from others, like a tide. It made us remember the meaning of the word “family” again and feel it in our bones. Yet taste the agony of “isolation” as we couldn’t see our other social circles such as our friends.

The virus emerged in Wuhan where stores were forced shut, schools were closed and workers last went to their jobs. Despite handling the situation and having the hectic outbreak under control, the virus managed to leave some scars and cracks on our relationships and lifestyle. The peer pressure, anxiety, financial stress, social isolation, and the total shutdown had an effect on causing abusive relationships in the homes. Ranging from lockdown anxiety to even divorce. Yet it gave us a chance to re-think our relationships. People were establishing new relationships, not only with others but also with their selves. we got to know our own souls and minds on a deeper level before deciding to build new relationships.

COVID-19 not only did affect us physically but also did mentally. We were at a time where the only way to be safe is to lock ourselves in cold houses where feelings of loneliness and helplessness emerged. Hugs, kisses, and holding hands were not permitted when it was the only thing that could bring solace to our poor minds. Thoughts of running to bad coping mechanisms – such as alcohol or self-harm- were very possible, but the positive thoughts screamed louder. Self-care awareness was raised everywhere. we were told to practice self-love, this means doing yourself favors as drinking flavored tea on bad days, a warm bath with a scented candle, or even reading a book with your cat on your lap. No matter how small the thing is, it succeeded in making us feel loved.

 They told us to think positively and so did we. People, of all ages, begin exploring their abilities and having hobbies like singing, cooking, painting, and learning a new language. Some people mended their hearts by meditation and some developed healthy lifestyles and turned to eat fruits and vegetables and dieting. People with hectic lifestyles, the 9 to 5 shift, were able to spend time with their children and maintain a healthy mindset, a break from reality.

We tuned in with our emotions, we held our grandparents’ hands longer and pecked the hands of our parents because we now all realized that everything can change and be gone anytime. We changed our mindsets for the better, we became more compassionate, not only with others but most importantly with ourselves.

At the end of the day, the question is still up for us to answer. Will we think and care about each other at only times of a pandemic? Will be able to bond with our parents, siblings, and families the way we did in the quarantine again?  Or do we need an emotional and love lockdown?

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