Dear future me

Dear future me


Dear future me,

I see you from where I am right now, a faded shadow but indeed alive in a new light. I am reaching out my arm to you, extended in a vast universe yet I cannot reach you. Are you still building walls around your heart? I know you are afraid it would break if someone got closer. Do you still scribble in your free time and create alluring pieces of art?

Did you go to the seaside as you wanted and collect seashells?

Have you written poetry in dull motels?

Are you still yearning for intimacy? To be acknowledged by someone other than yourself?

Have you taken a day off in a while? I know you over exhaust yourself with over-working and over-thinking. Do words still revolve around you like black fumes? I hope you remember that, in the end, it is just smoke.

Are you happy? Are you healthy? Have you been taking care of your body, treating it like a soft feather? You know it has been scarred a lot.

Please take care of yourself

Take care of your heart

It is doing its best to beat to keep you alive. Your body is fighting and working to let you live.

Go to the nearest part, treat yourself to your favorite chocolate-chip ice cream. It will mend any broken heart. Buy a coffee for your heart, it will warm your insides too.

Let your feet feel the grass every once in a while, you know you belong to nature, your soul is made of earthy soil.

Go where the fresh air is, seek a brighter day, a clearer day, and breathe. In and out. You are human and whatever you are feeling is valid.

Do you still do yoga? Are you still motivated to run in the mornings? It might be hard to go to the gym every day, but your body will thank you for taking care of it and maintaining it as healthy as possible. Do you eat healthily? I hope you don’t dwell on snacks as a meal like you do. Crackers wouldn’t help build your body you know.


Have you learned to say “no”? You are allowed to save your energy for yourself and it is not selfish. You do not have to burn yourself out for others.

Have you adopted the cat you have always wanted? I hope you name it after an anime character as you wanted.

Did you travel as a means of self-care? The smell of the sea, the cool breeze, and the warm sand, all bring a sense of belonging to you.  It does not have to be costly. A road trip where the air ruffles your hair and you feel alive for a moment with your loved ones and friends.

Where ever you are in life, I hope you are happy. I hope you are living happy days and dreaming of bright places.


And for you, dear reader, take a moment and think about your future self. It is a way to get you going for another day. Maybe write a letter for your future self too, and read it years from now. see how you evolved as a person in your life. And I hope you do. 🙂

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