E-dating: Love at the first swipe

E-dating: Love at the first swipe


The internet has made everything easy for our generation. A swipe of a finger can get you anywhere when you are on the internet. Famous apps constituted the perfect image of beauty standards that you should follow as well as trendy hairstyles, fashion, and footwear.

 Nowadays, your social media profile defines you more than your birth-certificate. Basic conversations and greetings are now carried out through texts. As easy it is, you just click the follow button and now you can see photos of their salad!


I mean, I can’t be the only one who uses social media for cute pets video compilations, am I?


We reached a higher level and now we have dating applications, where you pick your futuristic partner based off on looks and a silly pick-up line in their bio -maybe something witty if they are that serious-.

It is creating a new reality, the one people tend to run away to, instead of living in a real-life moment. Everything is cyber now, even hookups. The internet facilitated everything, but E-dating is a whole new level.

 Not that I am against the whole idea but I am just amazed that online dating has replaced our friend’s help in meeting a partner. I always thought the role of friends when it comes to dating would never change, but it seems like online dating is a game-changer. It has formed a new development regarding people’s relationships and technology. It is about where we are now and what point we stand on.

A perk that I would like to talk about is that online dating systems have a larger scale of people than the number of people who your friends know or who your mother knows. Dating sites have a large pool and a variety of people. I am not saying that you might get along with everyone there easily but a larger choice makes it more likely to find someone who suits you better.

When it comes to a single person who is looking for a partner, online dating is a good thing that would help in my opinion.

 It is a basic human need to want to partner with someone and if the technology is helping with that, then it is doing something useful and well. Spending more time online does not necessarily mean that we will tend to be less sociable.

As an introvert, E-dating would suit my introverted self, but let’s talk about the negatives.

The word catfish became a word. You do not know who you are talking to behind the screen. Are they who they claim to be? Anyone can easily make fake accounts with fake claimed to be profile photos just to meet certain criteria and beauty standards of dating.

(unless they just want to stalk their ex, that is a different case, that is just you, the same person, but in disguise.)


As I mentioned, I am not against it. The relationship will take a life of its own regardless of where or how you met your significant other. But the idea of meeting someone by some godly fate, hanging out a couple of times then growing to like each other sounds sweeter to me. The memories you both would share would be engraved in your minds, instead of the internal storage of your phone.

Make use of every second, every moment with your loved ones. After all, we are not promised to stay around. Anything could happen in any given second. Quoting Dead Poets Society,” carpe diem” or in other words, seize the day.

Sure, E-dating can provide you voice calls and video calls but, in the end, it is all about feelings. Their presence around you and their familiar scent that just smells like home.

And seeing their eyes sparkle with a warm smile is better than a smiley face over text, right?

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