Egypt’s new projects that caused excitement and ferocity

Egypt's new projects that caused excitement and ferocity

A hot topic that has been talked about in Egypt is the new project, run by tourism expert Ahmed Metwally, whose company will invest LE500 million to construct the Cairo Eye, which is able to be Africa’s largest rotating mechanism at 120 meters tall.

So exciting, right?

What we know, so far, about this Ferris that the Ferris wheel is going to be built near the bank of the Nile River in Zamalek in the vicinity of 20,000 square meters.

The project will take two years to finish, and aims to draw in 2.5 million visitors annually.

The project is Cairo’s first rotating mechanism, and upon completion, it’ll be the fifth-largest wheel within the world after London, Dubai, Las Vegas. and Singapore, and the largest Ferris wheel in Africa.

Its construction involves support Egypt’s vision 2030 strategy for tourism and economic development, in line with the governments decide to further develop the tourism sector.

Egypt is seeking to turn up the pointy decline that has occurred in tourism in light of the coronavirus pandemic and is seeking to turn up as a secure destination

Cairo Eye has been planned to be placed near one in every of Cairo’s modern icons, the Cairo Tower which is 187 m (614 ft) tall and incorporates a 360° revolving restaurant, affording visitors a position of Cairo from the pyramids to the Mokatam hills; across the road is that the Cairo theater and lots of beautiful heritage gardens with rare old plants, trees, and statues which can, unfortunately, be removed so as to make the wheel. And this is where backlash started.

The citizens were afraid that it would ruin Zamalek’s area’s beauty for removing and demolishing the green parks surrounding but worry not, they later revealed that they have the intention of not ruining the area surrounding. I had my hand on my chest!

The ride offers those visitors not fascinated by Egyptology, Coptic or Islamic history, a birds-eye view of Cairo and it aims to link both entertainment and fun when the gardens are going to be replaced with an integrated recreation, shopping, and catering area which is able to be built around the ride to function a tourist destination.

The wheel will have 48 total cabins with a limited view of Cairo with a capacity of six to eight passengers per cabin, and can carry around 15,000 visitors every day the peak of the wheel (120 meters) allows sight of some landmarks of Cairo.

The Cairo Eye also will include services and facilities like retailers of international brands, fine dining restaurants, and a food court, an entertainment and events area, still as a 1,000 square meters multi-purpose hall overlooking the river.

On the other hand, residents of Heliopolis square and everyone who genuinely likes the architecture of Heliopolis square were informed that Egypt is to build a bridge called

 “The Basilica Bridge”. the news went down on everyone like lightning as it will cause distortion to the most important archaeological and historical area in Heliopsis square.

Personally speaking, I have always loved passing by Heliopolis square just to see the Basilica church that is surrounded by green trees. It saddens me to see those trees getting removed, and the beauty of the church getting hidden for the sake of a bridge. this is our culture of the most important archaeological and historical area in Heliopolis, and the heritage buildings and buildings that this area contained full of beauty, of which exceeded a hundred years.

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