My Tell! internship experience

My Tell! internship experience

Every writer deserves a warm platform and community where they can share their work on. One day, I stumbled upon a writing community called Tell! It is the first publishing community for book publishing, storytelling, online courses and ghost writing in Africa.

And this where I got to learn more and more about the field that lights up my sparks, writing.

Interning at tell provided me with a platform where – not only did I get to share my work- but I gained knowledge of various lessons such as editing, marketing, paragraphing and storytelling. There was a mixture of learning and applying what we learnt practically. Also, with the online free courses that tell! offered, I got to widen my perspectives about writing and enhancing my skills, be it grammar or structure and research skills.

In addition, it was all very professional. The supervisors always encouraged us and guided us helpfully if we needed any help. They were very patient as well as friendly with us.

Being an Egyptian writer, I got to know creative and supportive writers, and also know more about their culture and even formed an -hopefully everlasting- friendship with them! It was very welcoming and easy to blend in with them.

To be a writer you have to be a creative researcher, and that is something that I got to learn throughout tell!.

Overall, my experience was beyond extraordinary and I would like to thank Tell! for that.

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