Things we all did as children for no reason

Things we all did as children for no reason

Childhood, the good ol’ days of purity, and we had nothing on our minds but going to play in the park and have MacDonald’s happy meal. And coloring books were our best friends when we needed to waste some time.

So, as to recall these good times, here are things we all certainly did as children.

1) Floating in the pool and pretending to be dead 

I am not sure why we did this but all I know is that we all perfected the art of it.

2) watch the raindrop race on the window

And even on soda cups, we always somehow liked watching the bubbles or the raindrops drip down the window and stare at it deeply as if they were gems. Not sure why we all did that but I can say it was very very slow and relaxing. The sound of the rain definitely made it more relaxing.

3) Run up the stairs like a dog

Why go up on the stairs on two legs when you have your ARMS and legs? seriously climbing up the stairs normally was definitely too boring for us that we copied a different animal kingdom. But it was so fun!

4) Draw the sun in the corner of the paper

“Unleash your inner artist”, they said.

5) Running as fast as you can after turning off the lights

I saw pretty sure death would consume me if I did not run. Pretty much the scariest thing ever. Everyone unleash their inner athlete whenever that would happen.  Seriously we all are great runners. Oh, the motivation!

6) Trying to force two magnets with the same poles to touch 


Did we all just try to defy the rules of Physics? Absolutely.

And what did it cost? Everything.

7) Pour soda into a bottle cap and drink it like a shot

Not only that, but we also acted as if we were drunk and slurred our words. We were either such brilliant actors or just completely bored.

8) swallowing gum and your friend telling you it will stay in your stomach for 7 years

I actually have so many questions regarding this one. How did we all believe it! I just wonder who came up with this idea and how did we all believe him. The world will never know!

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