Valentine’s Day and How To Spend It If You Are Single

Valentine's Day and How To Spend It If You Are Single

Valentine’s day in four words:

Exciting. Stressful. Important. Romantic-ish

People’s opinions about Valentine’s Day vary. Some think it’s great, others do not agree. Flowers and chocolate. Instagram posts of presents and captions that express more feelings than most people care to read (no offense). For some people it’s every day of unity and happiness, for others it’s a reminder of divisiveness and hurt.

Then, there are those people who celebrate National Single Awareness Day instead. You’ll find us right next to the group that celebrates National Bitter Expression Day. (We all know one in every one of them.)

These opinions are directed at the celebration of…what exactly? The Valentine’s Day.

The History of Valentine’s Day

The holiday was originally called St. Valentine’s Day in honor of a Roman priest named, you guessed it, St. Valentine. Scholars believe there have been actually three men by this name and each one of them was a martyr. Each was brutally killed -beheaded, decapitated – for refusing to deny his faith.

So how did we get from martyrs to heart chocolates in red wraps? Good question.

In Medieval times, people believed birds began to mate on Feb. 14. They established the tradition of dedicating the day to “lovers” in honor of St. Valentine, who had demonstrated love in its most extreme form. This, in turn, started the giving of gifts, letters, signs of affection, and chocolate.

 (I made the last one up, but whoever thought of giving chocolate deserves to be celebrated. Not going to lie)

The original meaning behind Valentine’s Day has faded over time. The love many people celebrate today isn’t the sobering, sacrificial love St. Valentine displayed. However unintentionally, Valentine’s Day is about proving our romantic love through grand gestures and large gifts. We compare our celebrations to others’ and permit what we did or didn’t do to hold more weight than it probably should. There’s nothing wrong with expressing feelings through gifts, special dates, or pictures. Celebrating the people we care about is a silent language.

However, if you find yourself single on Valentine’s day and you want to make the day special but you don’t know where to start

Here are some things you can do to make sure you spend the day to the max!

Step one: take the day to unplug

Set your phone aside, stop stalking them on Instagram, and decide to take the day for yourself. It is only one day per year so it should be no deal.

Step two: Have a movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush!

Whether it is Donald Glover, Leonardo di Caprio or Eva Mendes, just put on all their movies and enjoy spending your valentines (on-screen) with your true love. *dreamy sigh*

Step three: cook yourself your favorite meal or binge-eat junk food, you call it

Treat yourself with something nice and pamper yourself with brownies and your favorite iced coffee and you won’t have to share them with anyone this time, you get to enjoy it all for yourself!

Step four: go shopping, take advantage of the holiday sales!

Take the money you could have paid on a fancy dinner and chocolates and buy yourself whatever that your heart desires

Step five: laugh things out

Watch a light series or a stand-up comedy show, the laughing will give you the endorphins you need and put your mind off other unneeded things.

Valentines is a wonderful day if you are in a relationship but that doesn’t mean to forget that taking care of one’s self is also celebrated on valentine’s

And on every day.

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