Your comfort addictions

Your comfort addictions


 From Alcohol to Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and Benzodiazepines; The list of chemicals that could possibly get you hooked on goes on. These chemicals are so powerful that they could drastically change your life once you try them for once. And the most common reason they consume such drugs is the search for euphoria. The chemicals that the brain releases such as dopamine. The thrill and rush of your eyes dilating as a result.

But there is one thing we are not aware of, and that is:

We are all addicts.

It’s not the drugs that label us as “addicts”. We are all addicted to non-lethal things without being aware.

We have emotional addiction, habitual addiction, behavioral addiction, food addiction, social media addiction, shopping addiction, and worse of all, love addiction.

Let us shed a light on emotional addiction.

Emotions are very powerful. We neurotically connect and bond with other human beings with emotions, they are the basic factor of our innate survival. Through emotions, we bond. We experience empathy and compassion as well as happiness and pleasure. The way emotions are modulated with our sense of logic or cognitive functions allows our brain to enhance their abilities for self-care, prudence, and productivity.

There is a good and bad part. The good part is that emotions make us connect to others -and to ourselves- on a profound level, and it is all chemicals. Meanwhile, the bad part is that emotions can overwhelm and bypass logic. Which will lead to unfavorable actions as a result. And this happens from emotional addiction.

You can get addicted to emotions provided to you under certain circumstances.

Moving on to something lighter, I, proudly, am addicted to this new TV series and I cannot get enough of it these days. I just look forward to the next day I will be able to watch the newly released episode. Isn’t that a form of addiction? I just thrive every day so I can get the dose of dopamine my brain releases as soon as the new episode is out

Am I a hopeless case yet?

I mean, talk about the number of books I got addicted to! How am I even alive at this point? I even formed an emotional bond with the book. I treated the pages very gently while swiping. I kept the book neat. Why? It is an instinct to care for whatever thing will bring solace to your mind.

The worse case is getting addicted to a person. You talk every day, every second even and they just make your heart flutter.

You feel every kind of euphoria, but the moment they get busy or away for a while, your day crashes. You keep holding onto your phone waiting for that one text or one call. Ever asked yourself what is this? What kind of powerful addiction or emotion led you to this current point?

Well, this one is a mix of love and addiction to the happiness they make you feel. Once they are back, your heart just sighs.

The moral of this is, addiction can be a feeling as well. We are addicted to anything that sparks happiness in us. And that is totally acceptable. But you have to set limits to the thing you dwell on for euphoria. It can make you worse when it is gone and then you would find yourself in a relapse space.

Things that aren’t drugs are called “comfort addictions”. These things make us addicted to them but they are not lethal.

We have various things to get addicted to but we just don’t know it until it gets taken from us. And by far, the article made me realize how many things I am currently addicted to, I mean, I can’t help it!

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