Jon Snow: A victim of unaffected woe

Jon Snow: A victim of unaffected woe

When I was a child, I had various fantasies about life, I had started early, having received various academic awards in my primary school I felt I only needed to do little to be ahead of the pack. I had high aspirations: to study Law in an higher institution, to graduate with a “perfect GP” at the age of 22 after receiving different awards both home and abroad. I experienced a baptism of fire after my secondary school education, it became difficult to pass the necessary exams. After staying at home for five years, I finally gained admission at the age I had intended to graduate all thanks to the machinery of fate. Four years into the system, I have not received any award and my GP cries for revival at the end of every session. Just like me, Jon Snow was a victim of unfavorable circumstances, he was cheated by agent of fate and everything he deserved vanished before his eyes. Nevertheless, his life is source of inspiration to me, despite being a bastard he survived what legitimate sons could not survive. This shows that your present situation does not determine your future.
Jon Snow is a fictitious character in the popular series, Game of Thrones. The character shows the importance of fate in the lives of man, the most striking of this is his rapid upgrade from being a bastard to King in the North (although he rejected it), Commander of the indispensable Night Watch and man of honorable character. However, the whole plot of the HBO drama was against the character of Jon Snow with series of events happening against him. The opening episode depicts him as a bastard of Ned Stark and he was ostracized by everyone except Arya (Ned Stark’s daughter). Being a bastard that he was, he could not marry into a good home, this prompted him to join the Night Watch where he swore celibacy. His real trouble started at the Night Watch, at first, he was degraded to the position of a steward while less skillful men were trained as swordsmen. After the death of his “father”, Ned Stark, the oath he swore deterred him from lending a hand which made him lose the chance to prove his worth to his family. In a bid to unite the Widlings in the South with others, he was killed by people who mutinied behind his back while he was looking for way to save human race from the army of the dead. The god of fire did not forsake him as he was brought back to life. However, like Drake’s Curse, Jon Snow’s woe followed him even after his resurrection.
The build-up of the character of Jon Snow showed a brilliant, truthful and loyal ally, who deserves a good life compared to the blow he was dealt with in the movie. From the beginning of the play to the end he was the best loser, Jon Snow and Daenerys could not continue with their affair because they were relatives while the whole movie reeked of incestuous practice. At the end, he could not have the Iron throne, he killed his love and only blood relative, his first and second lover died in his arms without being able to help despite his bravery and prescience, he saved the realm from another mad king and his reward was confinement to the Night Watch to continue with his celibate life. Jon Snow, the rightful heir to the throne, lived his whole life being degraded to being a bastard and the greatest compensation for his ordeals would have been to see him sit on the Iron Throne above those that spat on him. He rejected everything good: he refused to be the king in the North as well as the ruler of Westeros. Throughout the last season he kept saying “I don’t want the Iron Throne, she is my Queen” as if he was restrained from saying so many words. If only he knew what was good for him. Truly he knows nothing!

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  1. You had a great idea in trying to link your own past with Jon Snow’s story. However, I feel you didn’t do enough justice to the work. Someone who’s never seen an episode of GOT may have some trouble relating with Snow’s character. Readers may be able to relate with your own experience but as the focus of the essay was on Snow, they’d lose focus eventually.
    You need to work on your conclusions as well. They’re just as important as introductions.

    1. It’s a pretty nice shot starting out with a story. It’s a good one. But I don’t think yoi properly executed it in that at some point, the story sounded unrelatable. It’s a nice one, however. Also, you kind of ended abruptly. 18/25

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