Out of the reds, I will again spare you
the cleanest side of mine.
For you to see, Vareehan…

It’s your peace I pine this morning in the queiten noontide of February.
Where our stories arise, as Deruk and Vareehan , the poles of life.
This morning, I , Deruks,
see reds
Of fine blood amidst Nirvana.
Livid as your teeth.

And you bite me, Vareehan.
Leaving the traces of your angelic-natured spit around my gum..
And you bite me,deeply, my sweet
across the lines of my craves.
You bite….

You bite me beyond the sweetness of today and tomorrow
And I grin,
Beholding life again.

  • And I learn, my dear
    I learn to catch the sensation that gushes from your breath.

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