Even the short ones can strut


Runway models?

What comes to mind when we hear these words?

I bet you think about sizes four to eight women, six feet tall with legs that go on for days😉

Am I right or am I right? There’s no convincing me otherwise.

When you think “Runway Models”, I bet you imagine Naomi Campbell (love that lady), the Hadid sisters, Kendell Jenner, etc.

These long-legged ladies kinda monopolize the runway world, so of course, you know them. I know them too.

But you see…what about the short ones?🤔 The ones who are allowed only to dream. The ones who are below, on, or just above average.

Passion…o powerful passion that can aid you to achieve anything..

Sadly….passion can’t make me grow a foot taller. Seriously…. it can’t. I’ll be above six feet now if it could. 😑

Doesn’t seem that powerful now, does it?😶

My passion is wasted because I only live voraciously in my dreams.

Dress up….. makeup…strut….pose…

Applauds. 👏👏👏👏👏

” So much poise” “Such powerful steps” “Stunning. Absolutely beautiful” “She’s fire” They say.

But, dreams…..do not last forever.

I wake up from that exhilarating dream, motivated.

My excitement dancing on my face and determination flowing in my veins.

But once again….

“Only five feet three….that won’t do. You have to be at least five feet nine to walk the runway. Such a shame, you should try commercial modeling, at least you’ve got the looks for it.”

I love commercial modeling, honestly.

Glam…glam….pose…snap….pose…snap.  It’s wonderful.

But all I want is to live my passion outside the dream world.

Should I change my passion because I do not meet the requirements? Because I do not meet their standards?

Who made all these rules anyway?

“Stick to the status quo” they tell me.

But I’m only five foot three, with a passion to walk the runway.

Because even the short ones can strut!.


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