Tale of Eve

Tale of Eve

Her loud cry filled the whole room
She’s been in labour for days, today is the fourth moon
Suddenly there was a tiny cry
It’s a baby girl, the nurse
Her father doesn’t wanna see her
She made his girls ten in number
Right from birth, she was hated
Before she ever got bathed

Her mother named her Eve
She reached puberty, you say seduction is her art
You called her a slut, as a matter of fact
You told her to cover up, even if she’s hot
Because of her counterpart you failed to train uo
She’s got cramps and you call her laxy
That she should get up and stop being babyish
A Few years of infertility, all eyes are glued to her
No one notices the infidelity on her partner’s part
Someone took advantage of her simplicity
And she’s taken to be stoned in the middle of the city
Even if she’d seduced him and should be blamed for
But all alone? Doesn’t it take two to tango?
If she’s an adulteress, where is the
adulterer?            Oh! I forgot, he’s got an immunity cover  Well, I do not think there’d serenity      In a society of gender inequality

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