You just finished secondary school. Elated, you’re sure of your admission into a university. You’ve worked so hard and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself considering the tough admission selection process. Freedom at last you thought. You imagined all the things you would do in the university outside your parent’s roof.
But suddenly a pandemic puts an end to your imaginations and fantasies and you have to stay home for a year. I mean you don’t wanna die since there’s no found cure and you can’t wait to bring into reality those imaginations you’ve been having. Your routine gets dry day by day and you’re getting tired. So today you decided to go out since you’ve been home for awhile and also change your look.
You meet this handsome stranger who is close to your brothers friend,Kelvin. They both jog every morning to push out those abs you’re seriously praying your future husband has.
Back to the handsome stranger,you wave weirdly and widely at them and look into the eyes of Vincent as he introduced himself as later on. He too looks back in the same manner as he murmurs some words to his friend. But that was it and you’re back home to continue your dry life. Two weeks later, a strange number chats you up. The profile is a bit tacky and razz. You suspect the owner is a g-guy who lies for a living and spends his earnings on putting up a rich appearance.
You’re lackadaisical at first since you’ve judged a book by its cover. But then you notice he has good diction and maybe a little bit sense. “Fuck it this guy’s smart”you say after he’s made you laugh the sixth time in one minute. You’re hooked and you fail to see the dangers lurking around.
So you’re in Vincent’s house and you’re wowed because you expected less. Immediately you concluded you’ve had a crush on him. You’re engrossed in the conversation to think and when he asks “should we move to my room” you say yes without hesitation.
But you don’t know the impression you’re giving and you’re suddenly confused when as soon as the door is shut his lips are on yours.
“Oh man” you thought because this isn’t what you had planned would happen but then his tongue is doing more wonders and you’re captivated.
You push but his hands are stronger obviously. Suddenly you’re on his bed and no matter how hard you kicked he didn’t bulge but kept saying” calm down,it’s okay baby”
But the irony is you’re not okay and he doesn’t seem to get that. You shouted in pain as soon as his lips leaves yours.He stops and like a chameleon changes his voice and says “are you okay”.
You’re more confused because of the sudden change of character.
You smile and say “it’s fine” but the sheets are already stained and you could still feel the pain.
Now you’re out of university and remembering how foolish you were to not distinguish between consent and force.

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