Flushed away

  • “God”, she muttered under her breath with eyes squeezed shut. The pain was becoming unbearable and she couldn’t stop herself from screaming.”shhhh” the nurse placed her finger on her lips. “This is the greatest pain you’ll feel”
    The doctor said with the aim of comforting her. Memories flashed before her closed eyes and she recalled a visit she regretted. That fateful afternoon,she had decided to visit Foluso who she had been chatting with for awhile on her phone.
    She recalled trying on many outfits until she finally went for a casual wear.
    Folake got to his house thinking it was even an hotel. She flashed to inform him she had arrived. He came out of his mansion,gave a little smile and let her in.
    They talked for awhile and they seemed to flow-she thought.
    They watched a movie and laughed hard at some funny scenes. They talked some more and he suggested they move to his room.
    Foluke hesitated but wondered. “I’ve been saying no almost all my life so why not” she agreed and so they moved.As soon as his door was shut,his lips were on hers. She was shocked and tried pushing but to no avail.
    She went back home sad. She hadn’t planned what had happened in his house and she knew it was because she had decided to say yes for a change.
    Foluke squeezed the hospital bed the third time.she let out another scream as the doctor plunged in with his tool again. The tears came flowing and she regretted the day she meet foluso but the deed had been done. This was the greatest pain she had felt all her life.
    Her mind went back to the day foluso asked her out. It was a relationship of convenience and folake knew it but she couldn’t stop herself. She had gotten in too deep to come out.
    One day he had picked her up as usual with his car and taken her to an hotel. She was surprised because he had never done that before. Her brain clicked and she knew she had to stop . He paid for a few hours at the reception desk and took her to a room. As soon as he was in the room,he pulled his clothes and told her to do the same.
    “I feel like a slut Folu”
    There was shock at first on his face but he regain composure and said “I’m with you so you’re not”
    She had told him she didn’t want to do it but he forced her and had his way. She knew that had to be the last day. She couldn’t keep satisfying him.
    The doctor untied her legs and released them then put in cotton wool to soak the bleeding. She was in severe pain and barely able to walk to the reception. No one was nice to her,she didn’t deserve it so why should they be.
    She began to sweat profusely and the bleeding increased. The nurse called the doctor’s attention but it was too late. She was already losing her breath.
    She shut her eyes once more and remembered the day she stood her ground and told him plain straight that she didn’t want to continue anymore. She had never been so relieved that day until five days later when she started feeling funny. Her parents almost found out but she concealed it saying it was malaria.
    “You’re five weeks pregnant”,the doctor had confirmed. She had failed ber parents and mostly herself,she knew. She told Foluso but he denied the pregnancy.
    She thought of a way forward. She gathered enough money to have the abortion and here she was struggling to get her life back.
    The doctor was sweating,he had been doing this for years and he couldn’t afford to lose another patient that same month. He checked her pulse and used the shock machine.
    That same morning she had told God that she was sorry. She had gotten herself into a mess. Her pride was gone,what was there to live for.
    It was then her hands dropped and breath ceased. Her hands that once squeezed the hospital bed dropped and hanged in the air. Maybe if she had a bit of hope for a new beginning she would have lived.

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