“ibo lan jasi”


Generator sounds fill the air
This is the third day and “NEPA” as they’re still fondly called have obstinately ignored the reason for their existence. It’s more than erratic.
A total blackout one might say.
For how long? no one knows
Soon the sound coming from my neighbors generator begins to hip-hop, signifying fuel levels running low.
“Epo ti ton” i say in a singsong manner.
Fuel price too had gone up
A few hours to two weeks
No electricity no fuel
“Ibo lan jasi,ibo ni Buhari gbe wa lo”someone said in the taxi I took the previous day.
“Werey!!! O mo wa oko ni” the driver shouts at the top of his voice
He sticks his head out to dish out more insults to the “incompetent driver” failing to see the learner’s sign on his offenders car.
And almost immediately,like nothing had happened sticks his head back in to contribute to what has been said.
“A mo o,pure water tun ti di 20 naira,wo so pe nitori epo ni o, excuse ti gbogbo won fun niyen”
“Kin se fault won na, epo ni wan ma fi je ki Omi yen tutu since ko si Ina” another passenger defends
“E San owo leyin o”
A passenger gives him a hundred naira note
“One fifty ni o”
“Ah ah,iye e tun ti won ni”the passenger complains
“Epo na ni” the taxi driver says while looking at the center mirror
“E tun Fe lo excuse yen abi”
“Rara o, epo ti won na” he makes an attempt to defend himself.
Everyone laughed
The generator continues to sing like nothing had interrupted it before. Clearly the owner had some spare fuel.
They must be the type of person that carry tanker-sized fuel kegs and jump queues like special beings with longer legs, annoyingly ignoring others with frustration etched on their faces.
Patience growing thinner by the passing minute, necks craning to see if the fuel attendant’s head is yet visible and legs aching from fatigue having had it’s toll.
“Ibo lan jasi” I say trying to conceal the Igbo accent my friends claim I have.

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