Ruth had completely zoned out thinking only of how to escape from the kidnappers den.
The smell of the poop lying unperturbed five inches away from her and the urea smell alongside the nose scrunching scents gave her the usual goosebumps but puking didn’t come to mind.Her nose was totally indifferent to them and it was understandable considering the situation she was in. Instead her heart was heavy,racing even.forgetting the pain from her lower back, she thought about how she had brought this upon herself by not heeding to her voice,her SU friend’s voice which seem to echo in her mind.
Disobeying as she always does more recently without a prick in her heart.she had long ago killed her conscience while going after a life of luxury and living it to the fullest .
Unfortunately she had probably live her life enough and would soon be dead in few moments just as she heard from one of the men who had captured her in the Chief’s house.
            The sounds of chains and iron hitting each other jerked her back to reality.Enough of thinking about how she had gotten herself into that mess and how she had so much trusted Chief so much that she thought she could die for .
“Now I’ve gotten my wish” she thought as a tear fell from her sad eyes.literally she would be dying him. She only wondered how a human could be so selfish,non chalant and devoid of emotions.
An handsome young man was brought into the cell with her. He looked like a odd piece in a puzzle. A piece that shouldn’t even feature in her puzzle. He looked flawless and wore an outfit that completely juxtaposed the whole scene .
” What could such a man had done to deserve what she was about to go through”
“You’ve gotten a new friend” the hefty looking man said with a smirk on his face.
He left and she was alone with him
Her butt had stiffened from sitting for too long so she had to adjust. Just then she farted. Embarrassed,she apologized .she then asked putting the embarrassment aside” what is a youngan like you doing here”?.” Just like you, I was captured” “oh” she replied.
        He continued “to get captured in order to rescue the captured”
“Sorry? I don’t get you”
“You will eventually” he replied with confidence oozing out.
He still spoke some other words she didn’t really quite get. How can a prisoner to free someone in the same condition and in the same cell… sounded absurd
“What an irony” she thought
The young man spoke extensively on how that could be done, a direct answer to her question in her mind.she listened anyways.
He spoke for five hours into the night until the hefty men came down two other men. They both were taken to a large field filled with bones and screwed with blood both dry and fresh. The sight  made her shudder as a tear fell from her left eye
It looked just like a butcher’s workplace.
The young man spoke suddenly and out of the blue with no single sign of fear in his eyes”untie her,her time isn’t ending tonight
To her utmost surprise,the men obeyed
She was really getting more confused until the chief came.” This foolish man paid a hefty sum of money and to get killed in place of you. ” I wonder what you have “the chief said
She locked eyes with the young man and asked him why he did such. He didn’t say much, just a simple sentence
” To save the captured”
The man was being led to the table filled with blood and pieces of flesh. The Cutlass was lifted and with a flash of steel,the man’s hand came off,next his side pierced and then his head.
“I should have been the one ,not him.i was the greedy one,not him”
With clinched fists,she struggled to release herself from the man’s grip and cried profusely for what she had done
Just then did all what all the man had said earlier made perfect sense. Who was  he then to take the blow for her,lay his life on the line for her, a mere slut.
She thought as she got on her knees in deep pain and mixed feelings; thankfulness,  and shock
“From now on live out for him,there is no longer a question of being at odds with Him in anyway
If we were at our worst, we were put on friendly terms with him.
He has wiped the slates of all your wrong doings, nothing left.
Many scriptures he had said came to mind but Isaiah 44:22 stuck deeply.
She proceeded to remove the fake lashes and multicolored hair alongside her sins.

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