Iris woke up sweating and panting, she’d had a nightmare. She was in a realm as a spectator watching as everything crumbled around her, as walls were blown to smithereens, as mothers cried for their children and children for their mothers, as fathers took up sticks as weapons to protect what little was left of their families.

She ran to the nearest injured to lend a helping hand and she gasped as her hand passed right through. She tried and tried again but was unable to do anything to alter her surroundings. The earth was quaking beneath her feet threatening to give way as a path to the underworld. Until suddenly an approaching beam of light zapped through space and time bringing everything to a halt. As much of a spectator as she thought she was, the beam came directly at her and struck right through her heart.

Pain like she had never experienced coursed through every nerve ending in her body as she fell into the rubble. She gripped her chest in an attempt to stop the bleeding but in minutes she was drained of blood, the last of her heart beat roared loudly in her ears as she felt life slip out of her. She was sucked into an eerie darkness drifting through oblivion and into nothingness until finally there was nothing.

Voices sounded in her slumber, people speaking in a language she couldn’t comprehend. She stirred as she felt a presence approach her.

‘Wake up, Iris. It is time.’

Immediately, her consciousness obeyed the command and her soul was forced back into her body. She woke up with a jolt, her eyes glowing with an unnatural light then she felt her lips say.

‘Prepare, for it’s the dawn of a new era’



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  1. I’m craving for more from this piece. I respect the flow of words and the power your work gives to my imagination. Good job ma

  2. Lovely and it’s minds attracting.
    I was even the middle of something and I only had the mind of just liking it but I couldn’t take my eyes off it until I finish reading it and I’m very happy so say it’s okay and explanatory enough.
    It’s a job well done.

  3. I am not much of a writer, but however I could actually relate to the character and picture what was happening, maybe it is just my mind or rather every line was descriptive enough

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