Whenever I’m alone, I find my thoughts drifting. I ask myself illogical questions like what if Galileo Galilei was wrong and the earth was really flat or if Hippocrates wasn’t really a doctor but a drug addict. If Abraham Graham Bell hadn’t invented the telephone what would have been the fate of our social lives? What if Michael Faraday had given up on his attempts at making electricity?

For lack of what to do, all these thoughts keep swirling in my head. In as much as our present ideologies are owed to these men what if things are not really the way they seem? These are tales of heroism and greatness passed on from generation to generation that may have been altered along the way either added to or removed from. I don’t aim to usurp what has already been laid down but I can’t help the path my reasoning keeps drifting towards.

Our teachers always tell the tales of these men with such pride and reverence but I can’t help but wonder; if one thing had changed would it have affected the course their lives took? Would the Siamese twins have died, had Ben Carson not prayed? If Adolf Hitler had not come into power, would Germany have initiated world war II?

People speak of these men like mini-gods but deep down they’re really human. How was the personal lives of these great men? Did they ever fall in love? Did they have any weakness? Were they ever in debt? Did they fall sick? Were they ever heartbroken? Did they face peer pressure? Were they ever tempted to give up on their dreams?

I turned over in my bed and sighed deep like someone in a predicament. My thoughts jumbled up more with questions I couldn’t answer and somewhere in my musings I fell asleep.


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