You ever heard a tale about a twist of fate? My story is a typical example of one. I had been trying to purchase a land in Oshodi, Lagos state, I’d been on the agents’ neck for a while to take me to the site, finally he did and I approved of it, it was large enough and it was located in a decent environment. I smiled satisfied as I ticked one more thing off my list, the list of the things I had to accomplish before I got married. I was already courting a lady, all I needed was to tie up some loose ends like build a house and buy a car. Money wasn’t a problem, in six months – all things being equal. I should have a roof over my head that I can proudly call my own.

With my approval the builders started work on the site. I hadn’t been there in a while and I decided to check out the progress of the building. Getting close to the site I began to hear noises of commotion, shouts and sounds of bottles breaking. Out of curiosity I moved closer to the scene, a group of boys were fighting. I could see sticks, broken bottles, daggers, even fire. It was an all out battle, probably between two cult groups. In the next moment I heard sirens and the police rushed into the scene. The boys that were previously fighting broke apart immediately, they began running away from the police and towards my direction.  I was confused, I didn’t know whether to run or continue on to where I was going. The police closed in on the cultists and began to detain them, I thought to myself, I didn’t do anything wrong but as I took my next step I heard a hand cuff click around my wrists.

In the police station all my pleas of innocence fell on deaf ears, they refused to believe I wasn’t in any of the cult groups. They reasoned that even if I wasn’t involved in the fight I must also be a cult member. I was detained in jail for three months.

I guess it was my fate to be wrongly accused just as it was fated that Icarus would fly too close to the sun.

Day 24


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