I huffed annoyed at the rapid inflow of customers, they never come when its convenient. Sales wasn’t good today. I had resigned to my fate, ready to go home with the 250 naira I had earned but at the last-minute customers began rushing in wanting to print or photocopy something. It was getting late, too late for a single lady to walk home alone. I told the remaining customers that we were closed and they could come back tomorrow. After loads of threats and insults I was able to lock up 5 minutes later.

I had no choice but to take the shortcut to my house, it wasn’t the safest due to the many bends and shadowed areas but it was fast compared to the highway. I walked quickly through the very corners that led to my house, I was close, just one more turn and I’ll be home.

As I turned the corner my feet froze at the sight I had happened upon. A man was being robbed of his property, he was held at gun point cowering in fear. The robber had his mask rolled up to his forehead, his face held a menacing scowl as he threatened the man who looked like he was close to tears.

They hadn’t noticed me yet.

I forced my feet to take a step back but it wouldn’t listen, I was cemented to the ground by an unknown force. I took in deep breaths trying to calm my hammering heart, scared they would hear it. I tried again to move my feet, I took a staggering step backwards and then I heard something drop. I gasped looking down to see that my bag had dropped to the ground.

The armed criminal turned his head sharply towards the direction of the noise. My eyes widened in fear and shock, I was cemented once again to ground as I felt my heart drop to my stomach. He let go of the man he held hostage and walked with thundering steps towards me as my feet still wouldn’t move from their spot.

‘Now that you’ve seen my face, I have no choice’ he smiled sickeningly as he raised the gun and then ‘BANG’ the sound of a gunshot rang loudly in my ears.


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  1. Hmmm! Thank God she lived to tell the story . No one could have told the story if she had died.Perhaps she went on coma and later told the story when she revived.
    Please write part two of it and clear my doubt. I love your work dear.

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