Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Yinka was a renowned author of children books. Fairy tales, bed time stories and the likes. She was bent over her work table, typing intensely. There was a smile on her face as she envisioned the smile her story will put on the little children’s faces. Oh, she could never grow tired of seeing their joy and the fact that she helped put it there was fulfilling.

In her story, little Ellen was trapped in an evil forest running from an evil rabbit sent by her evil step mother. She ran and ran and ran and every time she stopped to take a rest, the tree beside her would grow eyes. Eyes that shone red and mouths that smiled wide and evilly. Then the exhausting exercise would start all over again. No matter how far she ran the forest was unending.

Her step mother heard her singing while she was washing the dishes one day. Ever since, jealousy began to grow in her. When Ellen won the competition they’d both enrolled in, the last straw hit the camels back and broke it. She was enraged, she vowed to get rid of her and become the singer with the sweetest voice and the widest range in all of the earth. She used her magical powers to possess Ellen’s pet rabbit and sent it to kill her. Ellen ran into the evil forest, where she is currently. Still running.

Ellen clutched the crystal necklace her Mom had given before her death. She gave it to her with the instruction to hold it tightly whenever she was in danger. And that’s exactly what Ellen did. In minutes, a lion twice the size of a bulldozer landed in front of her. She was unsure, she didn’t know if it was one of the creatures of the evil forest or a summon from the crystal necklace. She stood shocked and confused. Somehow the eyes of the strange Lion didn’t seem sinister, her instincts said she could trust it. The Lion sat on its hind legs and lowered its back for her to get on. She didn’t waste one moment as she hopped on. Together they rode out of the evil forest and into the sunset. They both lived happily ever after.


What’s the concept of happily ever after?
Is it the cliché endings of fairy tales or the last breath one takes after a fulfilled life?

I think happily ever after is the place one goes to after life and beyond death.

Or not…


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  1. Hmm! Pls is there anyway our tales can talk positively on step mothers? Because most stories picture step mothers as being evil.
    Know is a tale anyway.
    Well done.

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