Jack Of All Trades

Jack Of All Trades


We were often told that a jack of all trades is a master of none. The person in this idiom is depicted as one who easily gets distracted and cannot see one thing to completion. Most people see a person who wants to know much more than his field as a confused person or one that doesn’t have a bearing, most especially if the fields in question are not related. But what they did not tell us is that oftentimes he’s better than a master of one.

Having knowledge of more than one skill, I believe is a thing to be admired; I also think that no matter how inexperienced one might be, no knowledge is wasted. I’ll sight the example of Ben Carson, I can boldly say that his knowledge in classical music is one of the reasons he got accepted as a resident at John Hopkins.

Being a polymath is neither a disease nor is it something to be frowned upon. Being interested in a lot of things and pursuing them is a good thing, as you will have a little knowledge of everything and see connections in topics that seem very unrelated. Imagine seeing a relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and the length of the curtain in your living room. As random as it may seem, there is something that connects them. In every sphere of life, an all-rounder will prove more useful than a master of one as they are expendable and useful.

An advantage of being a jack of all trades is that one can fit into almost anywhere. Because they have pre-requisite knowledge, all they need is to grow and improve. As opposed to a master of one who is thrown into unfamiliar territory, as eager as they may be to learn it doesn’t erase the fact that they have to start from ground zero.

Don’t let the idiom limit you, don’t let anything discourage you. Do, explore, you only have one life to live, be happy doing the things you love while you inspire others

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