We notice a ripple effect when a stone is dropped in a still pond, this phenomenon can be likened to what an act of kindness can do. I was a student in a Nigerian university juggling school with business. The business was both a dream and an avenue to make money.  I remember the days I used to go to every business competition I knew of to pitch my business idea. After my pitches the crowd would always erupt in applauses and cat calls. Everyone thought it was good but I guess it wasn’t good enough to win the prize. I’d always get back to the hostel pulling off my tie disappointedly. Apparently, the judges thought the risks involved in my business was high and the chances of failure even higher, so no matter how enticing my business plan was, it just wasn’t feasible.

 There was a man who happened to be a judge in one of the competitions I pitched in. I got a call from him one day. He said he wanted to invest in my business, risk and all. This man didn’t know me from Adam, I was just like any other stranger to him but he believed in me and my ideas and gave me capital to start my business. The beginning of the business was shaky at first but after some years it boomed.

Years later, I was on my way to the office when a boy ran straight in front of my moving car, I applied the brakes quickly. The boy looked like he was running from someone. He held my hand tightly and looking up he said with panic. ‘Please help me’ my initial anger was quickly forgotten when I saw his disheveled state. I looked around and saw some men hot on his trail, they stopped when they saw he was with me. I got him into my car and took him home and began asking him questions. He was kidnapped from school and has been held hostage for 6 months. He managed to escape and ran right into the front of my car. I contacted his parents and asked them to come pick him up at my place. When they came I was surprised to see that he was the son of the man that gave me the startup capital for my business.

As coincidental as it seems, the deed of his father somehow placed him in a position to receive help from me.

Day 23


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  1. Hmmm! A coincidence indeed.
    God , help us to offer deed of kindness to whoever we come across.

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