When The Pandemic Ends

When The Pandemic Ends

This is a sequel to staying indoors. You can read that on my profile. 

Papa came back to us eventually after many months of being away. He looked lean and unkempt, he looked like he hadn’t had a hair cut in months, he probably hadn’t. on the day he came back we were so happy, I most especially because I was finally going to show him the garden, I had pruned for him in his absence and pictures of it too.

The pandemic was over, humanity had won the war, we were no longer confined to our homes, the streets became lively once again. People were now allowed to gather at their various places of worship, churches and mosques were once again allowed to accommodate the multitude. Institutions of learning were open once again to the public. People could now freely go to large scale events without fear of being arrested. People could now shake hands and hug without fear of contracting the virus. Sneezing in public without covering your mouth was still very much frowned upon but one could sneeze now without getting suspicious looks of being a potential virus carrier.

I always thought that things would completely go back to the way they were after the pandemic, some things did but then again somethings didn’t. The sky-high price of goods didn’t lessen, essential commodities, food most especially, still remained at their exaggerated prices, with no sign of coming down anytime soon. Companies retrenched a lot of their workers due to lack of activities during the pandemic. The people who lost their jobs were unemployed once again and are back job hunting. The economy in general went into recession and things weren’t very easy for the masses, things weren’t ever easy for the masses.

The pandemic really did alter a lot of things. Hopefully we would be able to gradually ease back into the way our lives were before the pandemic, or at least adapt to it.

Day 19

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  1. Amen o, we pray it will come to an end and things will return to normal. Beautiful piece, weldone.

  2. One good thing about Africa “Adaptation”. You are right. We pray for it to be over soon.

  3. Really looking on the sky to see the end of this pandamic.
    Thanks for the vision.

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