My Mother

My Mother

Who is a mother?

I know little about that, but I can tell you that giving birth to a child isn’t what makes one a mother.

Who is my mother?

I can write an entire book about that.

My mother is first of all a woman, a strong one. She is blessed with a supportive husband and four children. She is a slender woman with a youthful appearance. Many times we are taken for sisters when we walk together on the streets. She has long brown hair; I happened to inherit the color of her hair but not the length.  

My mother is a protector, a disciplinarian and a friend. I remember times we gather to play Whot and laugh at each other’s wrong choice of card during the game. She is selfless, she has sacrificed her wants for the needs of her children many times over. She’s a nurse, a referee, a coach, our greatest fan. Many times she has had to separate fights between us and still treat the injuries we inflicted on ourselves. She’s our greatest supporter in whatever life decisions we take, she’s always there on the sidelines to cheer us on.  

She makes sure we are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to make it as a competent human being. She teaches us the important rules and roles of life, how to have manners, being empathic, and being responsible for our actions. Many times we’ve tested her patience, I wonder why she’s not thrown us away. Somehow she still loves us unconditionally.

The meaning of being a mother is endless, it takes patience, love and the grace of God to train and nurture a child. I wonder how they do it. I use the medium to say kudos to all the mothers out there.



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